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Durrell Conservation Academy

Durrell has a long history of training and supporting the next generation of conservationists via our academies in Jersey and Mauritius. We are world leaders in saving species from extinction and empowering others to run conservation projects worldwide, operating right at the interface between animals in the wild and those in captivity.

Our founder, Gerald Durrell believed that saving species from extinction was as much an art as a science and placed huge importance on sharing knowledge and skills with conservationists around the world, especially in the countries where the pressures are the greatest. For over three decades our training has inspired and equipped students with the skills they need.

Through the Durrell Conservation Academy, we aim to deepen the impact our training can have on both individuals and institutions engaged in the conservation of the natural world.

Durrell Conservation Academy offers a growing number of courses, suitable for everyone from enthusiastic animal lovers to professional conservationists. The courses provide conservationists not only with biological skills but also the management, leadership and stakeholder engagement skills necessary to run successful conservation projects. We now run more than 18 courses each year, ranging from three-day workshops to an Imperial College-led year-long Master’s degree in Conservation Science. We can offer you a unique learning experience wherever you are in your career.

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Join our professional network via our Alumni Facebook page. We welcome anyone who has trained with Durrell as well as Durrell staff and guest lecturers. By attending a training course at Durrell you are starting a relationship that will stay with you throughout your professional life. Connect with graduates around the world; exchange ideas, share problems and solutions, access the latest information and scientific papers; and apply for funding

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Supporting the next generation: Durrell is committed to saving threatened wildlife and educating school children on the importance of understanding and protecting the natural world. We want to connect children to nature and teach them about the wonderful animals with whom we share this planet.

Jersey Schools
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Non-Jersey Schools
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Cheeky Monkeys Nursery

Cheeky Monkeys is a nursery for children aged three months to five years, based at Durrell’s Jersey Zoo headquarters. It is a joint venture between Durrell and Norland College trained nursery professional, Juliet Pearmain, who has over 20 years experience in childcare worldwide, working in both public and private settings. With Jersey Zoo as the backdrop to their early year’s education, Cheeky Monkey children benefit from their proximity and access to a wonderful animal and nature reserve and support from Durrell’s Education team.

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