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Our People

Admiring her spirit, Gerald Durrell approached the young Princess to invite her to be the Trust’s Patron in 1972.

The Princess agreed to take on the role, with one condition – that the Trust make the role a demanding one! Gerald Durrell did not need asking twice! From this time on, The Princess Royal has worked tirelessly on behalf of Durrell, visiting its headquarters in Jersey every couple of years.

Dr Lee Durrell, studied philosophy at Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia, before enrolling in a graduate programme at Duke University to study animal behaviour in 1971. Lee became fascinated by animal communication, and conducted research for her PhD on the calls of mammals and birds in a politically turbulent Madagascar.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Lesley Dickie

Chief Finance Officer

Becky Brewer

Head of Zoo Operations

Mark Brayshaw

Head of Human Resources

Amy Davies

Head of Communications and Fundraising

Alexandra Shears

Head of Commercial

Kate Smallwood

Head of Conservation Programmes


Head of Conservation Knowledge

Dr Richard Young

Honorary Fellows

Sir David Attenborough, CBE, FRS

Anne Binney, MBE

Martin Bralsford, MSc, FCA, FCT

John Cleese

Murray S Danforth, Jr

Professor John Fa

Tricia Kreitman

Dr Thomas E Lovejoy, BS, PhD

Dr Jeremy JC Mallinson, OBE, DSc, CBiol, FIBiol

Professor Robert D Martin, BA, DPhil, DSc, CBiol, FIBiol

David Richards

Robin Rumboll, FCA

Advocate Jonathan White

Edward J Whitley, MA