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Our Vision

Since our inception, Durrell has had a single mission; Saving Species from Extinction. However, in the long-term, we want to not only prevent extinctions but also recover populations of threatened species. We will harness our species management expertise to drive the rewilding of ecosystems so that they are more functional, diverse and resilient; thereby improving the quality of local people’s lives. Through our work in the wild and at Jersey Zoo, we will reconnect people with nature and help drive the societal change needed to save and restore the natural world.

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Human actions are stripping wildlife from the face of the planet, destroying the building blocks of ecosystems and reducing wild species resilience to cope with future change. Our mission is to reverse this trend through our ‘intensive care’ conservation approach.

Together we can breathe life back into our landscapes and restore diversity and colour back to our world. Ecosystems are dying, their productivity disappearing and with that we are losing their ability to sustain mankind. With a broad network of partners, we will establish a series of rewilding sites that will demonstrate how to rebuild healthy ecosystems.

Restoring the health of our planet requires people to positively change how they value the environment. The first step is to build a strong emotional connection between people and the natural world. Across the globe, increasing urbanisation has broken connections with the rhythms and balances of nature, which has eroded our sense of belonging, empathy and sense of responsibility for the world we live in.

Never before has one species wielded such power to impact the planet. Our world is being destroyed and it is our duty to take responsibility for our actions which are devastating the life support system upon which we, and all species, rely to survive.

Our Approach

We want to rewild species and ecosystems as well as people and places by:

  • Recovering threatened or missing wildlife
  • Reviving and rebuilding ecosystems and natural processes
  • Reconnecting people to the natural world
  • Taking responsibility for the natural world

These actions will result in more diverse, beautiful and resilient natural landscapes in which species can thrive and people can enjoy a deeper connection with nature, generation after generation.

Our Impact

We know that with enough time, knowledge and commitment, our hands-on approach to conservation works and we can prove it. Through the Durrell Index we are able to track the threats facing our species, the actions we take, and evaluate the difference we make to wild species, ecosystems and people: our impact.

As part of the Durrell Index, we use the industry best-practice ‘Red List Index’ as an indicator of success for our mission. It tracks how the survival chances of our target species have changed over time. The top line on the graph shows they have markedly improved, including 14 species we have helped save from near certain extinction.

We compared these results to a scenario in which no conservation action was taken which showed our species would have declined significantly without help. The difference is our overall impact – an improvement of 150%; proof that our conservation approach works.

We are continuing to improve our conservation monitoring and evaluation systems in order to constantly learn and improve, effectively allocate our resources and invest our funding into programmes that get the best possible results.

Generation Rewild

We’re surrounded and protected by a layer of air, in a great endless universe where life is so rare. On a planet of wonder, made of oceans and lands, whose future health rests in all of our hands.

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